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Frequently asked questions

What is an aesthetic restoration (artistic restoration)?

This is the ability to reliably and functionally restore lost teeth fabrics. One visit to the doctor at the time it is possible to refurbish 4-6 teeth. Therefore, after the first visit you will be delighted with amazing results - your smile will be the one you dream of!

From aesthetic fillings, lost teeth fabrics are reproduced in such a way that their shape, colour, clarity and surface microstructure resemble that of natural teeth image even under different lighting conditions. We work with the highest quality certified filling materialswhich have physical properties such as strength, adhesion dentiti, abrasion, etc. - equivalent to natural teeth the properties of the fabric, and a wide choice of shades allows you to recreate your individual teeth beauty.

It uses a gentle preparation technique to remove damaged and demineralised teeth fabrics, teeth are not sanded, preserving their vitality, and can be easily adjusted if necessary.

When is aesthetic filling recommended ?

Aesthetic restorations to be carried outif teeth breach Cariesdiscoloured, worn or worn down after trauma, and to eliminate the space between dental gaps or when teeth the situation is unequal. All this can be sorted out aesthetic restorations in this way.

When are aesthetic fillings not possible?

It cannot be performed when the lesion is deep under with gums, violated tooth root or almost gone tooth crown tissues.

Are cosmetic fillings a painful procedure?

After anaesthesia, the procedure will not cause discomfort or pain. However, you may feel a sensation for a while after the procedure gums sore or occur tooth sensitivity.

How long does an aesthetic filling procedure take?

The duration of the procedure depends on the reproducible dental the number, complexity and intricacy of the work. If 4-6 teeth need to be restored, the procedure can take 5-7 hours. And to make sure that the time is not prolonged, video glasses are available. During the procedure, you will be able to watch a movie of your choice.

How can you feel after an aesthetic filling procedure?

You may feel unusual, some sounds may be unclear (especially if gaps have been closed, straightening dental situation or other complex Restaurant).

Filled teeth colour may be uneven: filling teeth are insulated with a moisture-proof rubber (cofferdam), so they dry out during operation and the colour difference is noticeable. However, within a few days teeth reabsorbs moisture and the colour recovers.

After aesthetic restorations treatments may feel gums swelling, redness, slight bleeding on cleaning, may be tooth sensitivity.

The adaptation period can take up to two weeks, and in some cases longer.

How do I care for my aesthetically filled teeth?

Normal brushing your teeth with a toothbrush and email, cleaning the gums with a sanitary floss. It is not advisable to use hard dental brush and pastes containing stronger abrasives (i.e. bleach or micro-beads), as this breaks down the polished surface faster a filled tooth surface, leaving no gloss. Sealing It is also not recommended to consume colouring foods (red wine, blueberries, beetroot, etc.) on the same day.


Every six months should be done professional oral hygiene, as well as polishing of aesthetically filled teeth (i.e. to refresh the surface gloss).


How long will aesthetically filled teeth last?

Any of the selected method of restoration has a lifetime (it would be wrong to assume that Tooth repaired for life).

Aesthetic fillings can last 8-10 years or more. But Restaurants longevity also depends on the efforts of the individual - the right dental care

To enjoy Restaurants for longevity, it is recommended to carry out semi-annual professional oral hygiene and polishing of restored teeth. Good individual oral hygiene, correct brushing with toothpaste and brush, interdental cleaning sanitary thread will ensure and Restaurants longevity.

What kind of dentures can dentures be?

Modern technology makes it possible to produce prosthesismeeting the highest aesthetic and functional requirements.

Dentures there are different types:

  • Non-detachable structures (crowns, laminates, cover-liner system, bridges);
  • Removable structures (arch-supporting prostheses with various fixation systems, plates, protective prostheses).

Modern Dentistry has a lot to offer prosthetics ways

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