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Periodontal treatment

In our clinic - periodontal pathology consultations. Treatment of gingival and periodontal diseases is conservative, with cleaning of superficial and deep concrements, and surgical periodontal operations are carried out: gingival patching, crown lengthening, gingival contouring prior to aesthetic restorations or prosthetic procedures, etc. Soft tissue lasers are also used in certain periodontal procedures.


Periodontal treatment at Studio dentis is performed by a periodontist Deimantė Ivanauskaitė
(Licence No OPL-02878)

Deimantė Ivanauskaitė, M.D., periodontist, works at the Institute of Dentistry of the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University, where she teaches dental radiology to dental students and residents, and trains dentists and specialist dentists. She works privately as a periodontist. She is a member of the Lithuanian Chamber of Dentists, the Lithuanian Society of Periodontology, the International Association of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology and the European Academy of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology. She participates in international dental scientific events, has lectured at conferences, prepared poster and oral presentations, written articles, and co-authored teaching materials.

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