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When should I start brushing my teeth?

We start brushing children's teeth as soon as they emerge - this can be done with damp gauze, a special wipe or a clean cloth in the morning and at night before going to bed. This can be done as long as the surface of the teeth is smooth and has a simple anatomical structure, and until the child's first milk teeth have erupted, i.e. until about 1 year of age. After that, you should buy a soft children's toothbrush (according to your child's age) and brush with it. You should also not use any toothpaste at the beginning - it is important that your child understands that he/she needs to take care of his/her teeth.

When and how to use children's toothpastes?

Until the child learns the correct mouth hfor the wall, it is recommended to use fluorescent children's toothpasteso that your child learns to rinse without swallowing toothpaste. Using fluoride-containing children's toothpastesIn the beginning, you only need to moisten the bristles of the toothbrush and only after half a year, you need to apply toothpaste according to the length of the nail on the little finger of your baby's hand. The size of the nail is the same as the amount of toothpaste put on the toothbrush, so as the child grows the nail gets longer and the amount of toothpaste increases.

How do I brush my child's teeth?

No matter how intelligent your children are, they cannot clean their own teeth well. According to research, parents should brush and actively help brush their children's teeth until around the age of 7. Teeth twice a day for 2-3 minutes. If you notice yellowish or brown stains on the surface of your child's teeth, contact a dentist and don't forget to see him regularly yourself.

Do I need treatment for my baby teeth?

Healthy milk teeth are very important for a child.

Milk teeth maintain and create the spaces in the mouth that are needed for permanent teeth to erupt. These teeth help the development of the child's jaw, shape the face, influence growth and weight, and affect the child's digestive system, as the milk teeth help the child to chew food. Healthy milk teeth also provide a healthy environment for the formation of permanent teeth. Therefore, milk teeth need care and treatmentbecause decayed milk teeth are a potential source of infection in a child's body, and premature loss can lead to permanent bite problems.

Silanes. How are they useful?

Usually, sealants are used to protect permanent teeth. The procedure is completely painless and is medically considered to be a very good preventive measure against tooth decay.

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